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Understanding White Balance | Maryland Photographers

What is white balance?  What does it do?  Well, hopefully by the time this post is over, you’ll have a littleView full post »

J&M's 60 to 90 degree rule-1

J&M’s 90 to 120 Degree Rule for Detail Shots

Heard of Justin and Mary?  When it comes to harnessing light for dynamic, dimensional, and emotional images, they areView full post »

Decorating Tree-2-2

Christmas Shot List

Well, the good news is that we finished decorating the tree with three days to spare. I think you can see why I put offView full post »

Taking Photos With Christmas Tree Bokeh in Background-3

Christmas Photography Advice: Using the Tree as a Background

We all need pictures of our shepherds, angels, and – below – our drummer boys this time of year, right? View full post »

Lens Reversing for Macro-2

Lens Reversing for Macro Shots: It Works! (Kind of)

All us photography enthusiasts are always itching for the next lens, aren’t we? For me, I try not to look at macroView full post »

DIY Custom Shaped Bokeh Filters-4

How To: Create Custom Bokeh Shapes | Maryland Photographers

While I was getting ready for this post, one of my kids saw this picture open in Lightroom and asked how I took aView full post »

Landscape Mode | Maryland Wedding Photographers

Here we are again, on Camera modes.  I’ve covered several of the different modes so far: portrait, sports, and nightView full post »

Wedding Photography Webinar | Maryland Wedding Photographers

Tonight I’m going to be doing a webinar on Wedding Photography on PhotoTour DC‘s monthly webinar.  If you&#View full post »

Scott Kelby’s Portrait Finishing Technique | MD Portrait Photographers

Scott Kelby, Photoshop Guru of the World, writes, “One of the questions I get asked most about my portraits is howView full post »

When to Use Night Mode | Maryland Photographers

This is the 3rd in a series of what the different modes do on your camera. If you haven’t read the first two, aboutView full post »

DPS Assignment: Horizons | Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Assignments are a regular feature co-authored by Becky and Susie. Becky completes Digital Photography School’sView full post »

Tips for Sunset Photography | Maryland Wedding Photographers

Have you ever seen a gorgeous sunset, wanted to take a photo of it, but you just couldn’t quite get it right?  I knowView full post »

First Trade Show – Lessons Learned | MD Photographers

Susie and I exhibited yesterday at The Power Conference, held at the Bethesda Marriott on Martinelli Road. When weView full post »

Sports Mode on your Camera | Maryland Wedding Photographers

A while back I did a post on what your camera’s Portrait Mode setting does.  Today I’d like to look at anotherView full post »

Apprentice Assignment: “Found Objects” | Maryland Photographers

Assignments are a regular feature co-authored by Becky and Susie. Becky completes Digital Photography School’sView full post »